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MANUFACTURE and SALE of nepalese


Quality and finish beyond reproach.

Direct sale from Nepal...

French language

All the items , statues , jewellery etc... are verified by Gautam gautam


He orders a sculptor to make in wax each buddhist (or other) statue. The wax statue is hand made in accordance to very strict proportions; after having made the mould on the wax statue, after drying, firing it (and of course after removing the melted wax) the caster casts the metal (copper, bronze, brass or silver) and returns to Gautam the rough items. In his workshop, Gautam works delicately : deburrind, filing, chiseling, sanding. After these first steps, the statues go to the polisher and return to Gautam's worshop for the final finish. After, the statues go to the specialists for the surface treatment : sometimes an aged finish is ordered or required .

So...all this work is done for each statue with an expert hand by true specialists who have a very old elaborate know-hand following a strict iconography. Gautam has learnt the work from his grandfather from whom he inherited.