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Statues of buddhist and other divinities, of traditional nepalese manufacture.

All this following statues are verified and finished by Gautam 1

french version

The quality of the materials and finish are faultless . To enable a fast delivering and to keep the quality wile taking time to create beautiful pieces , Gautam keeps a large stock.

If you project to get a particularity statue even only one, ask Gautam, there is a solution.

Made at Patan, Nepal, Himalaya.

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Photo Nom Matière hauteur Poids Prix*
1 Marpa Partly gold plated copper. 16 cm. 1.300 kg
1 Shiva Partly gold plated copper. 21 cm. 2.000 kg.
1 Vajrastwa Partly gold plated copper. 15 cm. 1.000 kg.
1 Padmasmabhav Partly gold plated copper. 22 cm. 1.900 kg.
1 White Tara Partly gold plated copper. 22 cm. 1.900 kg.
11 Vajradhara Sakti Copper with surface treatment 16 cm. 1.650 kg.
1 Nagarajeshor Partly gold plated copper. 19 cm. 1.700 kg.
1 Sakyamuni Budha Copper with surface treatment 33 cm.  
1 Milarepa Copper with surface treatment 18 cm. 1.500kg.
1 Samantrabhadra Partly gold plated copper. 21 cm. 2.800 kg.
1 Tsenrezig Paint on bronze 14 cm. 0.900 kg.

Sakyamuni Buddha

Copper with surface treatment. Face paint. 21 cm. 2.800 kg.


The prices for 1 statue, included packing of protection and transport( DHL or TNT Express) on l'Europe.

For many pieces, contact Gautam please.